The Western Health INSPIRE Awards recognise employees and volunteers, individuals and teams, who foster a positive workplace and inspire others to live our values.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW the 2021 Inspire Awards Presentation held on the 25th November.

They offer you another way of saying thank you to someone who has made a difference to your day or to the experience of patients or others.

We would like to encourage patients and clients, visitors, employees and volunteers, to help us promote Western Health values by nominating individuals or teams for an award.

Nominate Online

Alternatively, you can also Download the nomination form here

INSPIRE Awards, recognising those who demonstrate our values through:

Compassion – consistently acting with empathy and integrity

  • improving the experience of patients

Accountability – taking responsibility for our decisions and actions

  • taking responsibility for standards of care or service
  • being positive and productive
  • using resources responsibly

Respect – for the rights, beliefs and choice of every individual

  • communicating respectfully in all situations
  • recognising and respecting diversity

Excellence – inspiring and motivating, innovation and achievement

  • demonstarting high standards of work
  • helping others learn and improve
  • working well with others, across the system

Safety – prioritising safety as an essential part of everyday practice

  • looking out for the safety of others