Nurse Unit Manager – Palliative Care

One evening as I was departing from work at Footscray I came upon a very distressed person slumped near the entrance at Gordon Street. Whilst I went and alerted Security, Anita came by and offered this person assistance, talked to her and tried to understand who she was and her issues. Anita waited with me as we determined the best course of action. Anita managed to get the person to the point where we could get her into a wheel chair and she decided that we should get her around to emergency. Even though Anita had a bad back she helped me get her into a wheel chair and comforted the patient right through the journey to ED. She then talked the ED triage through her issues and waited until she could do no more beyond leave ED to work through the diagnosis. Anita’s level of compassion and care for the person was fantastic and reminded me why I love working for this organisation and enjoy the level of dedication of the people who work for Western Health.

Associate Nurse Unit Manager – CCU – Footscray

Bev is the total package. She demonstrates every single one of the Western Health Values. Everyone loves Bev! The staff love having her on their shift and the patients love her empathy, compassion and her ability to communicate at all levels. If someone asked Bev for a hand, she would give them two. That’s how she is. I cannot speak highly enough of the selflessness, the cheery “morning” attitude and the good old common sense of this staff member of ours. We are very proud of her and it is a privilege to know her.

Gynaecology Liaison Nurse – Women’s Clinic – Sunshine

In Bronwyn’s role she provides the nursing interface between Gynaecologists and patients. Her reputation is outstanding and her work with patients is consistently praised by medical and nursing staff. Bronwyn always goes the extra mile with patients, providing telephone follow up both before and after their appointments, and does ward rounding to touch base with patients following surgery. This additional support is vital for women experiencing infertility issues, gynaecology cancers and abnormal pathology results. Understandably these women are often experiencing anxiety and distress, and Bronwyn is always available for them to call her with their concerns. She additionally provides support for community agencies and GPs. Bronwyn is the public face of gynaecology at Western Health and her excellent work, her dedication to providing Best care and her constant calm and reassuring presence deserves to be recognised.

Psychologist – Drug Health Services

David has worked with WH for 13 years as an AOD Psychologist both in our Forensic team and now as a Private Counsellor working with some of the most complex patients in the West. David has a unique ability to engage clients struggling with severe substance dependence. This is often a difficult task considering the clients are in the complex cycle of addiction. But David does this it compassion, humility and a sense of humour. David also works with family members of clients and oversees our clinical supervision team making sure all staff are supported appropriately. He would be a worthy candidate for an INSPIRE Award.

Social Support – Palliative Care Unit

Dorothy Charman commenced her volunteer role 13 years ago in 2002 aged 66 years old, and during this time she has continuously and reliably committed her weekly shift to providing social support to the patients in the Palliative Care Unit. Here she provides friendship and is viewed as someone the patients and or carers are able to discuss their feelings and emotions with during a very difficult and stressful time. She attends to the rooms in this ward with care, respect and compassion ensuring the patients are treated with respect and dignity. While on this ward she also assists the nursing staff with various administrative duties allowing them to focus on the patients within the ward. Philippa Sambevski – Clinical Coordinator on the Palliative Care Unit has stated that..” Dorothy is a gentle understated presence on the ward and allows the patients to have their privacy and dignity”. Staff and families have all made a connection with Dorothy as she has a real comforting attitude that certainly inspire others around her to be peaceful and calm on the ward. Dorothy has volunteered in different wards in the hospital including the Emergency Department and the Special Care Nursery always providing the same and dedicated care to the patients and staff within the wards.

Business Support Coordinator – Adult Specialist Clinics

Emily is instrumental in the set up of the data reports that have driven quality improvements within Adult Specialist Clinics and in the reporting for our governance activity. Emily has a wonderful ability to think things through, has such a pleasant nature and appears unflappable. Just the kind of person that is needed when looking at quality improvement activity and asking questions or presenting data that may not tell the story that the audience wants. Emily has also been instrumental in developing training resources for admin within the ASC area and resources for other areas regarding VINAH errors.

Business Analyst – Finance

Himanshu always shows a positive attitude to his colleagues and clients. He is willing to go that extra mile to help out others such as covering his colleague (myself) while they are on leave. The feedback received key stakeholders of the organisation was exceptional. Also, Himanshu brings a positive culture to his team where staff feel free to engage him on any occasion, which have given them the joy of coming to work.

Supervisor – Food Services

Ivana has always exceeded expectations and goes beyond the call of duty. In the absence of the Manager has always volunteered to help out with administration duties and goes the extra mile to enter invoices. She is willing to learn more so that she can help the department. She has worked on replacing staff calling in sick with other staff rather then use agency whist not compromising in service standards. She has also been very flexible with the recent changes.

Clinical Nurse Educator – Sunshine Secure Gem

Jackie was asked at short notice to give a training session for the Therapy Garden volunteers. The training session focus was to assist the volunteers who volunteer in the garden to be able to interact and engage with the patients who have dementia. The training was to provide information, support and guidance in understanding dementia and how it presents in the cohort of patients that utilise the garden. Jackie came to the training session with lots of practical advice, written handouts, a relaxed and encouraging attitude which then allowed the volunteers to ask many questions and not to feel embarrassed or disrespectful to the staff and patients. After the training, Jackie has continued to go out of her way to remember each of the volunteers’ names, check in with them on how they are going and to follow up with them when she is on the ward when they are in the garden. This is a great role model of other staff within the ward on how to engage and acknowledge our volunteers. Jackie’s commitment to her role enhanced the experience of the volunteers through her acknowledgement and value that she placed on the training that she gave them. This will in turn make an impact on the patient experience through the knowledge that the volunteers now have in being alongside patients with Dementia in the garden.

Allied Health Assistant – GEM Unit – Williamstown

Jane has always been responsive to requests for assistance or special care of those on the ward and is the ‘mother hen/organiser’ for allied health staff. She maintains a garden for CBR and ward clients. She is courteous, caring and always cheerful in her disposition despite increasing workloads.

Grade 4 MRI supervisor Radiographer – Medical Imaging – MRI

Jenny continues to show excellence in the area of MRI and patient care. Jenny goes above and beyond and continually manages the increased demand for MRI imaging across Footscray and Sunshine Hospital ensuring both In/ Outpatients have access to MRI imaging in a timely manner. Jenny is a dedicated and motivated staff member who fosters a positive working environment amongst the MRI team and is an advocate of the Western Health CARES values.

Manager – Community Engagement and Volunteers

Jo is highlight committed to improving patient care to ensure Western Health patients receive best care. Jo demonstrates the complete Western Health CARES values in her day to day interactions with staff members, her volunteer team and patients and their family. Jo’s can – do, innovative approach has made a significant contribution to patient care in the Division of Subacute and assisting the Division ( and organisation) implement initiatives to support best care and person centred care. Jo works collaboratively to support the Division of Subacute and Aged Care to improve patient care experience through working with staff to develop and support the following innovative programs; development and ongoing maintenance and improvements to the subacute therapy gardens through establishment of a volunteer led gardening team and collaborations with local community groups; support of nutritional programs such as the Volunteer Meal Assistance Program and the communal dining program Dining with Friends; support of the Taking Time to Talk program to support patients with cognitive decline; and social support programs. Jo works in a respectful, collaboratively manner, is passionate about improving patient care and is innovative in working with clinical areas to be responsive to their patient needs.

Private Patient Liaison Officer – Finance Department, Sunshine Hospital

Kay constantly demonstrates the CARES values in her daily practice as Private Patient Liaison Officer. She is compassionate, demonstrates a high level of accountability, works respectfully with staff and patients and has a strong work ethic focussed on providing excellent service that has a positive impact on patient care. Since commencing in the role Kay has had a significant positive increase on private revenue for Subacute and Aged Care Services, with this increasing five fold since 2010. Kay not only provides exceptional service but goes above and beyond her role working collaboratively with the clinical team to ensure patients have a positive experience. Just recently Kay played a pivotal role in assisting in a complex patient discharge. This involved Kay working collaboratively with the treating team to assist a patient on the Dementia Assessment Unit in being eligible for transfer to Residential Aged Care, overcoming the barrier of the patient not having a Medicare number. This example highlights Kay’s can do, positive attitude; having a direct impact on patient care and experience and working with the clinical team to provide excellent, patient centred service.

Grade 3 CT Radiographer – Medical Imaging CT

Continued dedication and excellence in the area of CT. Lauren always goes above and beyond with training and education of staff and has been instrumental in the planning and initial set up of CT services at Sunshine Hospital with the addition of a second CT scanner as part of the Critical care package/ services. Lauren is an advocate for patient care by managing workflows and patient demand to ensure timely access to CT imaging. Lauren is an advocate for Western Health’s CARES values and portrays these values in her everyday work.

OT Care Coordinator – IRS Care Coordination – Sunshine

Leah has made me more aware of the clients living out in the community who hoard. Leah commenced a project about 4 years ago and is very knowledgeable on the matter. She has worked closely with AV and the IRS team and gave an in-service on different levels of hoarding and squalor.

Nurse Unit Manager – Adult Specialists Clinics-Sunshine (Adult outpatients)

To me, Lena is an inspiring person. Lena is always their when you need her. One example :I had a bad experience of a patient abusing me, no-one came to my help. I felt alone. Someone had heard what was happening went and got Lena. Lena came to me quicker that security did, to my relief I could hear her running, keys and all down the corridor to assist (even after pushing the duress button). Shaken and upset Lena took me to a quiet place and consoled me from her heart. She is a great support for all the team in outpatients, she has time for everyone, always looking out for our safety. Doesn’t matter how busy she is, she always puts down her pen to listen. Lena remembers everything and looks out for everyone, whether you are the PSA, clerical or nursing staff. Lena always looks tired and needs a holiday. But she manages to always smile and make me laugh. At the end of each day she never forgets to do her rounds and say good bye to us all, one at a time. Always leaving with a smile on her face. Lena is always there to assist. She always makes the patients feel comfortable. She is positive and productive. She uses resources responsibly and carefully. Her care of service is respected by all. She is great at what she does. I admire and respect her.


Volunteers – Footscray

Lyn, June and Joanne supported the ’60 Days of Art’ program at Footscray Hospital. In particular, they advocated for the program activities and facilitated the Artist in Residence Participatory Workshops. They played an important role in the mobile photo booth project, which saw mobile photographs assembled and projected in various locations throughout the hospital. The volunteers assisted in assembling the equipment for the data projection, disseminating and promoting the exhibition and program aims to staff patients, carers and visitors. They were often a conduit between the program and the staff/public, providing a contact and positively engaging our community.

Senior Financial Accountant – Finance

Michael has an astounding knowledge of the health sector’s financial system which he is willing to share among his fellow colleagues and staff. He is a well respected and highly regarded member of Western Health where he would put others first than himself. He would sit with me and guide me through it slowly to help me comprehend even though he had a great of work to complete. Michael has taught me a lot on how different the financial system is compared to public health and the corporate world. If anyone had a financial query that they’re unsure about, the first person that would come to mind to help is Michael.


Sonographer – Ultrasound – Sunshine

I have seen Nathan on two occasions and each time it has been a complete pleasure. Nathan’s attitude and friendliness is second to none. His professionalism and understanding of what he does is 100% spot on. On both occasions when I have seen Nathan, he explains everything that he is doing and seeing so that I have a full understanding of what is going on. Please forward to Nathan that he is doing a wonderful job.

Lead Volunteer – The Williamstown Hospital Opportunity Shop

Patricia has been the Lead Volunteer in The Williamstown Hospital Opportunity Shop for the last 18 months, since the shop’s 2013 renovation and revamp. Patricia is integral to the continued success of the shop. Over 2013, the volunteer team raised $106,000 and over 2014 they raised $137,000. The fact that profits are rising and that the volunteer team is continually praised as a very friendly and caring group is testament to her demonstration of excellence and leadership. Patricia displays great respect for the diversity of the customers who walk through the Opportunity Shop’s doors. She will always spend extra time with someone in need and will make every customer feel welcome and included in a chat and laugh. Many customers come back to us day after day because they appreciate the shop’s inclusive environment which Patricia has set the example for. Patricia demonstrated particular excellence over 2014 when she guided the work placements of four students from Warringa Park School studying for their Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning. Each student had an intellectual disability and required a fair amount of monitoring and guidance and with Patricia’s help they each committed to a weekly shift in the shop. It was wonderful to watch these students learn and grow over the year and we very much appreciate Patricia taking them under her wing. We hope the skills she helped them gain will greatly assist them as they prepare to enter the workforce. Patricia displays the same level of commitment to all new volunteers who join the team and she always motivates the entire team to learn and improve. I think the fact that for some time we have had a full roster of dedicated volunteers is a credit to her constant positivity and compassion. Finally, Patricia pays particular attention to safety in the shop. With large bundles of donations constantly coming in and waiting to be placed in the store, or to be moved on to our excess stock agencies, Patricia is careful to monitor the flow and safe placement of stock. Furthermore with a roster comprising of 45 volunteers Patricia is most helpful in ensuring that the team all follow our Occupational Health and Safety guidelines and are vigilant of both their safety and the safety of our customers.

Food Services Assistant – Food Services – Sunshine

With all of the changes happening, Rosemarie has been one staff member going about doing her job and helping others with a smile. She has never once found excuses to shy away and has been very empathetic towards her colleagues facing challenges. Whenever I have spoken to her she has always been so inspiring and has a million dollar smile on her face She is a living example of finding solutions when dealing with challenges and change and is appreciative of what she has.

Allied Health Assistants – Sunshine CBR (Rose) and Williamstown CBR (Jane)

Both Rose and Jane are consistently positive, helpful, cheery and respectful of all people they work with – both staff and patients. Their enthusiasm in providing quality care to patients is clearly visible every time I see them interacting with patients, or seeking extra materials or other assistance to other Allied Health staff and patients. I have never had a negative interaction with them or have I ever experienced anything but pleasant cheerful demeanour. They are the very model of our cares values consistently showing compassion, being positive and productive, respectful and showing high standards of helping and working well with others.

Community Program Manager – Drug Health Services

Ruben has contributed to making our work place very respectful, safe and professional. He was also instrumental in assisting our team with a major transition from one site to another. Ruben is very supportive, fair and has made a huge change to the morale and well-being of all staff members in Drug Health Services. I am nominating Ruben for this special award as I truly believe he has contributed towards major change for a better and pleasant workplace environment. He inspires my everyday work practise as his work ethics are of a very high standard. Ruben offers a wonderful example of the delivery of client focused care through his comprehensive knowledge of the service system and his willingness to advocate for equity and quality care for our clients. This vision also extends to his team and results in a strong sense of managerial support and cohesiveness within the team. Ruben embodies each of the WH Values and empowers his team to demonstrate these values by instilling them in our work.

Registered Nurse – Theatre Williamstown

My daughter was so scared before her surgery and Sam was amazing. She made things easy by relating to us. She told us she was a mum of two and just showed an amazing amount of compassion and care. Sam really made it a wonderful experience for a stressful day.

Clinical Nurse Educator – Footscray Emergency Department

Sarah Cornish is a dedicated nurse who is passionate about her job. Sarah is a positive role model in the department and enjoys teaching whether she is on an educational or a clinical shift. Sarah demonstrates Western Health’s values in all aspects of her nursing care and job role. Sarah shows compassion and accountability when caring for acutely ill patients in a highly stressful environment and yet, shows excellence in her care utilising (when appropriate) these times as a teaching session. Ensuring that she maintains respect, Sarah nurses without judgement and teaches with consideration to the individual’s beliefs, academic and nursing history. As a leader, Sarah ensures staff safety by encouraging all staff to follow Policy & Procedures of Western Health. As a CNE, Sarah has established processes which aids in the structure of our education team, Sarah works tirelessly to ensure that her individual projects (new nursing charts) is delivered within time frame, yet, she is also able to deliver on projects within the education team, (Mechanical ventilation scenarios). Sarah has been in our department for over 13 years and always considered the Footscray Emergency Department her home. Sarah has now moved to SH ED temporarily to ensure maximum resources are available for the changes occurring in that campus. Although this has been an interesting move, Sarah perceived this as an opportunity for positive change. Nothing is ever too much for Sarah, she is reliable, hard working and always works for the benefit of her work place and mostly, the students.

Specialist Pharmacotherapy Clinician – Drug Health Services

Scott continues to display the values outlined by western health’s mission statement whereby those that are most vulnerable and discriminated in our community (long term drug and alcohol users with mental health issues) are afforded respect and care, and as such continues to engage some of the most difficult clients to remain in treatment to increase their quality of care. Scott continues to do this on a daily basis with clients.

Grade 4 CT Supervisor Radiographer – Medical Imaging CT

Excellence in the area of CT. Has been instrumental in the planning and initial set up of CT services at Sunshine Hospital with the addition of a second CT scanner as part of the critical care package/services. Shane continues to ensure timely access to CT imaging across all sites by managing workflows for both In and Out patients ensuring patient care is the first priority. Shane is a role model who is viewed highly from all his peers.

Engineering Facilities Manager – Sunshine

Tony goes out of his way to support projects that have direct benefit to patient care. Tony has been involved in the development of the Sunshine Ground Floor Subacute patient gardens since 2012. He is passionate about providing exceptional service, working as a team with clinical areas to help support Best Care for patients. Tony works collaboratively across all divisions and has been an integral part of developing and maintaining the garden areas for patient use. He is able to work with clinical areas to assist in making plans actually happen on the ground and has a strong focus on how the work of his team supports patient care. Tony demonstrates the CARES values in all areas of his work; he is accountable and provides a high standard of work; he works respectfully with all staff and demonstrates a commitment to excellence – ensuring that the work of his team supports staff to assist in providing best patient outcomes.

Medical Imaging Technologist – Radiology Sunshine

Tony has conducted regular audits of radiology’s plain films (i.e. general x-rays), all during his own time, and largely unacknowledged. The audits focus on image quality and have highlighted body areas that are being imaged satisfactorily, and those that need improvement.

Admissions Clerk – Sunshine Admissions

I sit within earshot of the admissions desk and for the last eight years I can say that Wendy is the epitome of what CARES represents. I have witnessed the manner in which she is able to communicate clearly in a reassuring voice and completely puts the patients at ease, answers all their queries repeatedly until they are clear about instructions. Nothing phases her even when the patient is a little agitated regarding lengthy waits etc. She demonstrates compassion and respect in all situations and has a very high standard of work ethic. She always approaches challenges in a positive way. I know if I myself was a patient coming in for a procedure, I would be in excellent hands and very appreciative of her assistance.

Dr Douglas Travis, Anne Marie Southcott, Mickael Aljian, Jenny Gore, Dr Ian Kronborg, Mr Bill Renwick, Natalie Smyth, Julia Firth, Emily Sanders and Nora Refahi

– Across Western Health

This group meets monthly and raises issues and wins regarding the development of outpatient clinics process and improvements to access. What is impressive in the continuous attendance and input from all areas and it is very useful having women’s and children’s and allied health representation so that processes can be the same or similar making it easier for patients who may attend multiple areas. It is excellent having the recent addition of Nora Refahi to the team, to bring a consumer perspective. This group really helps to drive and instigate the many changes that have taken place over the last couple of years and is a great example of the best care framework in action.

A few years ago, approximately 18,000 to 20,000 referrals were in filing cabinets in Adult Specialist Outpatients. Whist all patients were waitlisted on IPM the actual referral details were not scanned or in BossNET. So if information was needed someone had to come and look in the filing cabinets. This also led to the potential for lost referrals, or unnecessary duplicate referrals being sent in. After a concentrated improvement initiative within Adult Specialist Clinics and Health Information, this is no longer the case. As a result of new processes where all referrals are being scanned on receipt, the GP’s now don’t repeat referrals as when they call the details of the referral are able to be brought up. If a duplicate referral is sent, when the referral management team look up the patient on BoSSNET, they can see if a referral already exist and not enter a duplicate referral. At times GP’s also call the GP liaison, and so they are now also able to see if referrals for an individual patient are in the system or not. This change has also made implementation of the Department of Health Access Policy easier. We are able to track referrals and monitor the KPI’s in a way that would be impossible if we still had the physical filing cabinet system. As Jade West (Team Leader Referral Management Centre Adult Specialist Clinics) commented – It was almost like “where’s Wally”, and it is so much better to be confident that we can find a patients referral and their details. Bernie O’Shannassy from the Health Information team said “it was a really big job to scan all the referrals into the system, but now that it is done we can see the benefits for all. Everyone worked together to work out the best way to get this done”

– The Williamstown Hospital

Under the guidance and support of their NUM Melanie Wityk, the Nursing Team on Lower GEM at Williamstown Hospital continue to excel in their delivery of high quality nursing care. They are a diverse, welcoming, professional group of staff that embrace change and continually strive to achieve better patient outcomes. Some of their achievements over the past 12 months include:

  • Introduction of SSKINs and a resulting reduction PI’s of 42%.
  • They were the Meals Module pilot ward and have made simple changes that greatly impact patient satisfaction and the right meal is delivered for the right patient at the right time.
  • Participation in a Clinical Leadership day which has resulted in ANUM’s and CNS staff taking up portfolios in areas important to the ward, developing a ward based education program and role modelling the values of effective clinical leadership.
  • Completely amazing buddy nurse/preceptoring of graduate nurses and undergraduate students.
  • Supported the implementation of Dining with Friends and VMAP and have been proactive with feedback.
  • Nursing Staff have taken ownership to improve their annual competency data, and as a result are work together to ensure everyone is up to date. The data so far indicates they are on target for 90-100% in all areas.

Perhaps most importantly, the ward staff continuously receive numerous thank-you cards from not only their patients and relatives but also from rotating staff who do not want to leave the ward – this includes GNP’s, medical staff, allied health staff and support service staff. This group of staff deserve recognition of their outstanding work and commitment. They certainly inspire me to want to be better, try harder and give more.

Anita Haines Nurse Unit Manager and Dr Maria Coperchini Director

– All wards across Sunshine and Footscray

I have had the privilege of sharing offices across both campuses with the Palliative Care team and have witnessed, particularly since the time of our massive moving house changes, what a well-oiled team they are. The team may be small but they have had to deal with working across both campuses, managing rosters and increased work loads, as well as attending clinics, and still have kept excellent communication with each other, always ensuring that team members are coping with their workload and being flexible enough to change at last minute if a team member needs to go to another campus to help out. They always look out for each other, checking if they need help and communicate with each other with respect and professionalism, even when frustrating situations occur. I have witnessed some team members working beyond their work hours because patients have needed to see them. They have always taken the time and dedication to deal with patients’ needs first, regardless of the time of day, and often having to deal with family members during difficult times. I have found the Palliative Care team always strive to improve the experience of the patients, whether the patient just needs information for pain management or whether the patient is dying. If a patient wants to go home to die, the team will strive to make that happen. The team meet patients and their families from diverse backgrounds and always treat them with compassion and understanding of cultural needs.

They work across all wards and have excellent working relations with many ward staff who know they can rely on the Palliative Care team to see a patient when referrals have been made. In recent weeks, after the move to Sunshine, I have seen how tired and worn the team members are but they continue working with a smile, a sense of humour and focus on the needs of the patients rather than their own. They ensure workload is equally shared by the excellent professional communication they have with each other and they never lose sight that they are a team that are there for patients. Sometimes they deal with very sad cases and I am always in awe at how they don’t collapse with the weight of such sadness, day in and day out. They are an inspiration to me and exemplify what true professionalism is as well as the values of patience, compassion and respect for all.

Paul Harper, Nid Singeun, Vor Proofe and Gorica Kulukovska

– Sunshine Radiology

Each and every day they work well together to ensure that all inpatient transfers to radiology are completed effectively, efficiently whilst demonstrating exceptional patient care. They not only look after all of the staff in Radiology by providing us with inpatients in a timely manner, but also look after each other to ensure that the workload is evenly distributed. Their teamwork is so exceptional that we can tell as soon as one of the trio is missing from Radiology as patient transfers just don’t seem to be as efficient. We feel this level of commitment to patients, other staff within the hospital and to themselves as a team should be rewarded and used as an example for others to follow.

Manager Diabetes Nurse Education – Diabetes & Endocrinology Centre Sunshine Hospital

Cheryl leads the team of diabetes educators at Western Health. Among her many achievements, Cheryl started the insulin pump service at Western Health in 2004. This service helps people with Type 1 diabetes to lead normal healthy lives by allowing them to give insulin through a computerised insulin pump device 24/7. Since 2004 the insulin pump service has become the busiest in Victoria. She goes above and beyond the normal care for patients. It is not unusual for Cheryl to field phone calls on weekends or after hours to help patients who may be experiencing difficulties with their insulin pump. Additionally she has often given up a week or more of her annual leave to be a volunteer at the Annual Diabetes camp for children with Type 1 diabetes. She has also been instrumental in setting up a supportive network for 50 community and hospital diabetes educators to meet regularly at Western Health where they can network and be involved in ongoing education. She holds positions on the national board of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association and the Medicare Education Scientific Advisory Council (Medicare). She has also been an officeholder of Diabetes Australia in the recent past. Many patients and healthcare workers have been inspired by Cheryl. She demonstrates compassion in spades, values accountability, respect and aspires to excellence and safety in diabetes care.

Dietitian – Footscray

Patient X was an inpatient with us on ward 3 East for almost 6 months following a disastrous complication after an emergency Colectomy for bowel cancer in Horsham. She came down incredibly unwell and lost a lot of bowel with open abdominal wounds and major and near life threatening nutritional problems. Patient X was eventually discharged to Horsham for a combination of home management, short inpatient TPN and home IV fluid. While hardly a complete triumph, with her having the ongoing requirements of a high output stoma, a wound discharging chronically, and significant nutritional issues requiring supplementation, Patient X probably should never have survived. Part of the reason that she did survive, and the reason why I am writing this nomination, is for the efforts of several groups of people. Ward 3 East, led by Leigh McDougal at the time, put heart and soul into the management of Patient X’s wounds and psychology. The staff performed at a level that, in my experience, is as good as anywhere in the world. Their level of dedication and commitment, the skill they showed with Patient X, and the support that they showed both Patient X and her family was exemplary and I think that this deserves some form of recognition. It is often difficult to single out people within a ward structure, such as 3 East, but Leigh McDougal lead and coordinated the effort of his staff at all times. The other vital person was our Dietitian, Aurora Ottaway who spent untold hours, both paid and unpaid researching different TPN fluids and potential regimens, discussing it with other colleagues and nutritional experts at other hospitals and came up with a cogent, sensible, executable working plan for Patient X’s management through Horsham Health Service. Again, Aurora demonstrated dedication and commitment to ensuring the best quality of life for Patient X.

OT – Sunshine – Acute Oncology

Sarah works with patients who are often terminally ill, and she is passionate about ensuring that their goals and wishes are listened to and respected. As an Occupational Therapist, one of her key tasks is to identify strategies to facilitate safe, effective discharge from hospital for patients, and for them to continue to engage in the roles and activities that are meaningful and satisfying to them. Sarah’s commitment and skill in this area has resulted in many patients returning home to live, and sometimes to die, in the way that they have chosen. For example, one lady, who was very sick, was advised by her medical team that she would need to stay in hospital, but Sarah worked with her and her family on a discharge plan, and she was able to go home and spend precious time with her young family and in her own community. Although this lady passed away, her family are very grateful for Sarah’s intervention, as it was very important to them that their wife and mother could continue to live as normally as possible. They noted that because Sarah really understood their wife/mother, she was able to identify and work with the things most important to her, which made a very sad time much more positive.