Clerk – Adult Specialist Clinics

Anne delivers her administrative duties at the front line every day in a very busy and demanding service. She delivers her duties with professionalism, compassion and respect. She always has a pleasant demeanour which patients, carers and consumers of the Adult Specialist Clinics Service gravitate towards. Anne is always the first to say good morning to you when she sees you, which can give your day a nice kick-start!

Administration Coordinator

Cathy has been instrumental in the gathering of data for Multidisciplinary Meetings (MDM) for the purpose of billing and has demonstrated Excellence. Western Health required data to be collected for multiple MDMs within a very short time frame. Cathy took ownership of this project and took the initiative to establish a new efficient process working with the other areas of Western Health. Cathy worked extra hard, and often in her own time, to gather historical data going back one year, which was a significant effort in such a short time frame. She did this with a positive and enthusiastic attitude in light of many challenges that presented along the way.

Recruitment Administrator – People and Culture

Cindy is an incredibly valuable and treasured member of our recruitment team. Her attention to detail is phenomenal. What stands out about Cindy is her “can do” attitude. Cindy is constantly called upon to share her amazing level of knowledge and expertise about the detail required to accurately deliver contracts of employment for all of our Doctors at Western Health. Most specifically, this nomination is about how she delivers above and beyond capacity. In a most recent period, she remained the only person available in the department for the recruitment team and what she achieved in this time was extraordinary. She worked without complaint and answered all telephone queries, completed contracts and made sure the reputation for service delivered did not suffer. Cindy is not only a loyal Western Health employee, but she demonstrates the values of the health service every day in every way.

Administration Officer – Drug Health Services

Over the four years that I have been working with Connie, I have noticed the excellent rapport that she has built and continues to build with our clients. She is compassionate towards our clients which allows them to feel at ease. She provides excellent customer service and goes above and beyond her duties as an Administration Officer. Clients will often comment how Connie has made them feel at ease when they have presented at our service for the first time.

Occupational Therapy Allied Health Assistants – Inpatient Rehabilitation Ward, Sunshine Hospital

Prema and Daniela assist with running the Occupational Therapy group programs on the Inpatient Rehabilitation Ward. Prema and Daniela demonstrate compassion in their work by always looking for ways to improve the experience of patients while they are on the ward. They have done this by gathering and utilising consumer feedback to improve the patient experience within the group program. Most importantly, the laughter and enjoyment that is generated by Prema and Daniela within these groups brightens the day for patients who attend these groups. Daniela and Prema often communicate with other members of the team regarding ideas to individualise the treatment that is being provided to patients. Overall, Daniela and Prema take the time to get to know their patients, they treat them as partners in their care and respect their needs and wishes. Daniela and Prema bring a smile to the faces of our patients everyday, despite the fact that many of them are going through an extremely difficult stage in their lives.

Weekend Supervisor – Support Services, Footscray Hospital

During a Code Black response at Footscray Hospital, Denis selflessly intervened to remove to safety a 5 year old child who was being held by a male during a tense situation that Security were responding to. The situation had the potential to escalate to the point where the child’s safety was under threat. The quick thinking and action of Denis ensured that the child was removed from danger and the situation was then able to be managed effectively by our Security Team. His behaviour reflects high standards of compassion, respect and safety for our consumers.

Registered Nurse – Ward 3F, Sunshine Hospital

A Patient wrote: I was a patient in your ward for two weeks and I’d like to express my sincere thanks for all the heartfelt care I had while I was in your ward. A special mention to your beautiful staff members Candice and Draga. They always found time to reassure me no matter what. They both never failed to pop their heads in for a quick hello or a goodbye and I’ll never forget that. It meant a lot to me, particularly as I was missing my family and children. You should be proud of all your staff because not only are they hard working but they all have beautiful hearts.

Office Manager/PA – Sunbury Day Hospital

Evelyn plays a pivotal role in the Operations of the Sunbury Day Hospital and broader organisational context. She provides tremendous support to her own staff and the divisional teams that work at Sunbury. In addition, she provides support for all the consultants and nurses/midwives that utilise the Sunbury Day Hospital. Evelyn’s approach to Western Health patients, families, carers and visitors is caring, committed and proactive. Evelyn will often stay back to support a team or patients when lists or services are running late. She also supports the Western Health Infection Control Team, the NUM/MUM LEAP Program, and myself. Her attitude is respectful, intelligent and supportive. She demonstrates her commitment and her application of all the Western Health Values continuously and is an inspiration for all who meets or works with her.

Practice Manager – Drug Health Services

Fiona embodies the values of Western Health every day through her dedication to her work and her interactions with clients and staff alike. She is a real inspiration to us all.

Cleaner – WCHRE Sunshine

Flower goes above and beyond her role everyday. She looks after the medical students as if they were her own children. Nothing is ever too hard for Flower and If there’s something that she can’t help with, she does her best to find someone who can help. Flower is always friendly, polite and extremely good at her job. She goes above and beyond for all staff.

Cleaning Supervisor – WCHRE

We recently held a large event in the WCHRE facility. When we arrived at 7 am in the morning, there were several significant components not in place or there for use. Gayle was there and worked very hard in sourcing what we needed, assisted us in preparing for the event, facilitated continued assistance during the day and was able to answer questions quickly and with respect and a smile. There are so many events held in multiple rooms in the WCHRE building, often all at the same time, and I and others have witnessed Gayle preparing, assisting and helping teams run smooth events often under stressful circumstances. She is always friendly, helpful and smiling. She is such an asset to the organisation and her commitment to thinking outside the square is extremely beneficial. She is an inspiring example of living the Western Health values.

Senior Dietitian – Acute Allied Health Unit, Sunshine Hospital

As a clinician managing a high acuity workload in ICU, Heather has high level clinical skills and knowledge and is highly regarded by her colleagues. Her management always reflects critical thinking and demonstrates evidenced based practices. She is a strong advocate for nutrition and always strives for best care for her patients. As a senior Dietitian, Heather has made significant positive changes to the culture of the department. She has facilitated group sessions to help resolve conflict and put in strategies to help improve transparency and trust within the department. She has really challenged the department to be better clinicians and is a role model for us all. She is respected by all of her peers, especially by junior staff members as she leads by example. Her leadership and collaboration skills are always evident as she encourages everyone to do their best. When things go well or if someone does a great job, Heather always make the point to provide deserving compliments. On the other hand, Heather also acknowledges failures and works hard to address the issues and identify ways to prevent it from happening in the future. She also handles sensitive matters in a professional manner and junior staff members can always approach her for help or advice. Heather has made invaluable contributions to the dietetics department at Western Health and she will be dearly missed when she returns home to Ireland at the end of the year.

Cancer Research Manager – Cancer Research Unit, Sunshine Hospital

Heike is a highly dedicated and motivated leader who is always trying to improve the services and communications between different teams and the unit. She is a great team player and I really enjoyed working with her.

Associate Nurse Unit Manager – Footscray Outpatients

Jasmine has a great ability to bring a team together and keep her colleagues motivated in difficult times, especially when they are feeling under pressure or feel they can’t find the assistance they need. Jasmine’s compassion and dedication in not only helping her colleagues to learn and improve but also guiding and supporting them through situations they usually wouldn’t have the confidence to face. This is greatly recognised and appreciated throughout the Specialist Clinics team.

Weekend Cleaner – Sunshine Hospital

Jian assists with the general cleaning of the WCHRE on the weekends particularly when there are external events occurring. He has a cleaning style that is unique – he is quick, comprehensive and always ensures that he does it with a smile. He is very professional, has a great work ethic and takes pride in what he does.

Clinical Nurse Educator – Western Clinical School

Juli is an inspirational teacher. She encourages all medical students to strive for excellence in their practice and demands safe practice at all times. She is funny, passionate, highly knowledgeable and always welcoming. Not only does she ensure that we receive the highest level of teaching and knowledge in patient care, she also ensures that our wellbeing inside and outside of work is accounted for. She makes our learning fun and memorable, but at the same time can be someone that you can discuss serious matters with.

Volunteer – Emergency Footscray Hospital

June demonstrates compassion and support for the patients who attend emergency. Her friendly and positive attitude is displayed each visit. Patients respond well to her caring nature and general chit chat. June plays a major role and contribution to the emergency department at Footscray Hospital.

Clinical Pharmacist – ICU and Cardiac Cath Lab, Sunshine Hospital

Justin was involved in the setup of new pharmacy services to the Sunshine Hospital Cath Lab. He developed medication safety and education resources for nursing staff working within the Cardiac Cath Lab setting, relating to safe administration practices. He was also heavily involved in reviewing medication administration policies within the area. I am often asked by nursing staff “when is Justin coming back to our area?” Justin also recently participated in a correct prescribing tutorial with final year medical students. Justin is always willing to help his colleagues and always volunteers to help out with projects, even on short notice.

Registered Nurse – ICU, Footscray

A patient on the ward at Footscray required chemotherapy administration, as there was no access to a chemo nurse due to unforeseen circumstances. Kate was called at home on her day off and offered her time to come in and administer the medication. Many thanks for the compassion shown to the patient and the family.

Senior Pharmacy Technician – Pharmacy, Sunshine Hospital

Kathy (aka Kasia) has been a great role model for the Pharmacy Technicians. She is motivated and dedicated to her work. Her positive attitude has improved the morale of the department and communications between the Technicians and Pharmacists.

Research Ethics Administration Officer – Office for Research

The Research and Development department have had volunteers included in their team over the past five years and during this time, Kerrie has supported the volunteers and makes an extra effort to make them feel inclusive of the team. Kerrie has always expressed her commitment to the volunteer program and supported every volunteer that is placed in the department. She explains all procedures and when a volunteer requires a little extra support or guidance, she provides this with compassion and encouragement. If a volunteer is unable to attend their shift, she expresses concern for their well-being and always supports and welcomes them back into the department. Kerrie consistently ‘steps up’ and demonstrates the values of the organisation, delivering far and beyond her core duties.

Volunteer – Opportunity Shop, Footscray and Williamstown

Kim has been a Western Health volunteer since January 2013 helping in numerous roles across Footscray Hospital and The Williamstown Hospital Opportunity Shop. She has shown a true commitment to Western Health in the performance of her varied duties. At Footscray Hospital Kim is currently a Visitor Guide, Newspaper & Library Trolley Volunteer and she is instrumental in helping Finance and various other Departments with their large mail outs and collecting surveys. Kim has also recently become a volunteer in the new Footscray Hospital Patient Health Information Centre and also assists with various fundraising activities including Walk West. At Walk West Kim is always onsite bright and early and is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic supporters of those taking part. Kim also volunteers in the Williamstown Hospital Opportunity Shop on Monday afternoons and the first Sunday of each month. Customers have come to know her well and appreciate her lovely nature and willingness to help find the items they are looking for. Kim will also put her hand up for additional shifts when other volunteers are away and she will transport books and magazines from the shop to Footscray Hospital for the benefit of patients when the Library trolley stocks are low. She is well known within the Williamstown community and such a highly valued member of the Opportunity Shop team. Kim’s warm personality, wonderful smile and willingness to help wherever possible is very much appreciated by everyone she meets. Kim’s knowledge of the Hospital and her confidence has grown enormously since she began volunteering. Vietnamese is her first language and she often assists patients, visitors and Opportunity Shop customers who have limited English. Kim is a wonderful ambassador for Western Health and is truly valued by the Volunteer Management Team and the Volunteers. She is our very hard working quiet achiever!!!

Recruitment Advisor – People and Culture

Laura has an exceptional work ethic and “can do attitude” to ensure all employees at Western Health receive the highest quality data and paperwork when they commence work. In most recent times Laura has worked tirelessly with only half of her team available to do the work, producing the same outputs of a full team in that same period. Laura embodies the Western Health values of excellence and accountability in demonstrating high standards of work and delivering a sensational standard of service in her position. Laura has an exceptional level of attention to detail and she carries out an important role in our division by producing data reporting that enables us to make better use of human resource analytics across the organisation.

Senior Clinical Pharmacists – Pharmacy, Sunshine Hospital

Both Lauren and Namita were instrumental in the success of the PostPartum Haemorrhage (PPH) project which aims to not only reduce but better manage PPH for improved patient outcomes. Both are highly valued by our department not only for their expert knowledge in their respective specialist fields but also for their dedication to making a difference to patient care and their positive can do and will do attitudes.

Dietitian – Williamstown Hospital

Lauren provides excellent patient care. She consistently demonstrates a great willingness to assist with workload cover whilst having the ability to remain calm under periods of stress. She is always supportive, and is an efficient member of two organisational committees (Pressure injury and Health & Wellbeing) and the department social committee. She is a pleasure to work with!

Director Community Services – Western Health

In early 2016 I needed to go onto urgent unplanned leave due to a serious illness. Lebe was absolutely fantastic during this period and upon my return to work. Throughout this period I needed to attend many medical appointments and I needed to return to work in a staged process due to fatigue. Lebe was supportive every step of the way contacting me whilst on leave just to see I was okay and on my return to work he set up realistic expectations on what I would achieve. Lebe did not breech my confidentially during my period of leave and treatment, telling only those needing to know what I was undergoing. He is a unique leader who is able to bring his team on any journey via his soft and gentle style. Working for him, I feel valued and the work I do is appreciated.

Ward Clerk – Ward 2D

Lotte makes working as a nurse on 2D such a pleasure. She is always one step ahead of everyone and assists the nurses wherever she can. She is brilliant and irreplaceable!

Director – Quality, Safety and the Patient Experience

Louise received two nominations for an INSPIRE Award:

Nomination 1: Louise is excellent at supporting her staff and providing outstanding managerial skills in her role as Director. Louise is an inspiring person, works very professionally and is very understanding. Louise puts in more than her expected time and effort into her role of Director of Quality, Safety and Patient Experience team.

Nomination 2 : Louise is an extremely supportive and understanding leader. She manages to balance multiple organisational outputs and provides excellent professional and personal support to a large team. She focuses on outputs and empowering her team to use the methods that work for them. Louise manages to do an incredible job around supporting a team who are based in multiple locations with multiple work configurations. She shares knowledge and opportunities openly and transparently and is very supportive of further education and providing opportunities for further development and learning. Louise is always willing to help and listen, is motivating and has a positive attitude which is admirable.

Volunteer – Fracture Clinic

Fracture Clinic is often frenetic and visitors to the service can often become frazzled at the wait experienced during peak times. I have observed Lynne interact with users of our service with such compassion, kindness and sunshine. Her approach serves to have an immediate calming effect on those that she directly interacts with and those around her. This approach has immediate benefits to the individual and indirectly to the Clinic staff. Lynne’s approach is of benchmarking standard to ensure that people feel welcome, cared for and visible.

Registered Nurse – Graduate Nurse Program

A patient wrote: Morris is an absolute credit to Sunshine Hospital. After having a range of lovely and caring nurses during my stay, Morris stood out for multiple reasons. Not just for his bright and bubbly attitude, but he went above and beyond my expectations of a nurse. He is knowledgeable and makes an effort to explain hospital procedures and helps people to understand their body in a simple yet informative manner. He is thorough in his abilities as a nurse, not with just myself but all the other patients in the room. He is a kind, informative, gentle and thorough nurse and I would like to thank him for being such a fantastic nurse.

Surgeon – Footscray and Sunshine

Nezor consistently provides excellent care to patients, taking extra time to explain complex conditions often in his own time. He defuses difficult interactions and is passionate about providing excellent and continuous care. He is always happy to assist his colleagues and is an enthusiastic teacher. His care and time spent go way beyond what he is paid for and he makes a huge contribution to the health of the community and the mental health of his colleagues.

Volunteer Co-ordinator – Williamstown hospital

Nicky and the wonderful volunteers at Williamstown hospital continue to support, on top of her normal work load, Maternity Services at Sunshine Hospital by the provision of newborn needs for parents who are experiencing financial difficulties. She also co ordinated a mothers day event ‘ Helping a local mum in need – from one mum to another’. This was a massive drive to provide a gift to all new mums on mothers day.

Nurse Unit Manager – Sunshine ICU

Nicole organised office work (light duties) for me while I was off with an injury and unable to work as a bedside nurse. Not only has it been fantastic for my mental health to be back in the workforce, but financially it has helped me immensely. She has been very supportive and encouraging and it has made a huge difference to my wellbeing whilst I continue to heal.

Registered Nurse – 3 East Footscray Hospital

A patient wrote: Ray gave me so much love when my dad was in her care. She was always welcoming to my dad and if I was having a bad day and crying she would give me a hug, tell me “things will get better” and make me a coffee. She is a wonderful nurse.

Acting Director – Drug Health Services

Ruben continues to be inspiring in the support and care he demonstrates to all employees along with the ongoing safety and effective communication that he provides.

Enrolled Nurse – Holding Bay, Sunshine Theatre

Shirley checks our patients into Theatre and makes sure that all their paperwork is correct, including consents. She always makes each patient feel welcome and treats them as a person not just another operation. She is our first line of defence against any errors and without her the day is never easy.

Team leader of Adolescent Community Programs – Drug Health Services

Stana received several nominations for an INSPIRE Award: Stana is compassionate, caring, a hard worker and an excellent communicator. She is a fantastic leader who always looks after her team members, providing a supportive and caring environment.

Clerk – Adult Specialist Clinics

From January – June 2015 Stan was the project lead for the Adult Specialist Clinics Waitlist Validation Project. During this time Stan planned, developed and implemented the Adult Specialist Clinic (ASC) Waitlist Validation process. This would help reduce ASC waitlists by contacting patients that had been on a waitlist for more than 12 months. Stan’s exceptional project management and understanding of ASC processes has enabled the department to implement this process without any additional FTE. His hard work has created a sustainable process that will continue for many more years to come. Well done Stan!

Clinical Nurse Consultant – Urology Clinic 2 South Footscray

Sue organised office work (light duties) for me while I was off with an injury and unable to work as a bedside nurse. Not only has it been fantastic for my mental health to be back in the workforce, but financially it has helped me immensely. She has been very supportive and encouraging and it has made a huge difference to my wellbeing whilst I continue to heal.



Oncologist – Oncology Services

Every day Suzi makes an enormous difference to the lives of oncology patients. Suzi always goes above and beyond for her patients. She always puts her patients first and is kind and considerate to all staff and to all the community of the western suburbs who are lucky to have her looking after them. Suzi consistently demonstrates all of the Western Health values and deserves to be recognised for her dedication. In Oncology we have tried hard to offer clinical sessions to working mothers so that we don’t lose these excellent clinicians and that they can continue their career. Suzy is an admirable example of this genre of clinicians.

Patient Services Assistant – Footscray Hospital

A Patient wrote: Tedros noticed that I was upset and concerned and went out of his way to assist me. His actions really meant a lot to me and I would like for him to be recognised for this kind act.

New Graduate Speech Pathologist – Speech Pathology, Sunshine Hospital

Vanessa consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that her patients and their families are provided with high quality, patient centred care. There have been several occasions where family members have specifically asked staff to pass on their heartfelt thanks to Vanessa for her conscientious care of their loved ones, particularly in regards to ensuring both the patient and their family were well informed and understood their diagnosis, management and plans in relation to Speech Pathology intervention. Most recently Vanessa went above and beyond to help facilitate a safe and timely supported discharge for an elderly patient with new communication deficits following a stroke to ensure he could return home and access appropriate follow-up in the community setting, despite several potential barriers. Vanessa’s work in facilitating this discharge plan was acknowledged by the patient’s wife which highlights her consistent compassionate and patient centred work ethic.


Social Worker – Community Transition Care Program

A patient wrote: I am sincerely indebted to Victoria who was my Dad’s Case Manager and provided professional and excellent care through her enormous wealth of knowledge in residential aged health care. She provided support to me when I was feeling depressed and overwhelmed with Dad’s situation. Vicky worked very hard to make sure my he received the best of care and that I was okay. His health would not have improved without her

Research Governance Officer – Office for Research

Virginia’s knowledge in the field of research governance along with her willingness to help and provide advice promotes a high standard of clinical research at Western Health. Her high attention to detail, clear, effective and positive communication further supports clinical research governance for researchers and the institution.

Amanda Culpan, Joanne McIntyre, Chelsea Cornford, Michelle Noronha, Doug Mill.

– Western Health

This team has implemented an innovative employment model for new graduate nurses in Pool at Western Health. This is the first program of its kind in Australia and the team has demonstrated commitment to the organisation, nursing and collaboration. The program has been successful in employing 64 new nurses to Western Health in Pool to help meet the demands for a flexible nursing workforce at Western Health.

– Sunshine Hospital

The Emergency Department (ED) Volunteers support patients and family within what is often a volatile and chaotic environment. They work with and complement Western Health ED staff by talking with patients and visitors, provide refreshments where able, and assist with warm blankets and reading material to make the ED visit for patients and visitors more pleasant. The volunteers in the ED, much like the nursing and medical staff, have experienced the many changes in the department that have occurred over the last twelve months in particular. They are seeing and assisting more patients and visitors on a daily basis and they continue to smile and come back to help the staff. They are an invaluable group who do not get as much recognition as they deserve. Families who are unable or unwilling to leave their sick loved ones are assisted greatly by the volunteers and this should not go unnoticed.

– Sunshine Hospital

As a group, this team go above and beyond their role. They exemplify what we mean by customer service. On occasions when we are short staffed and can’t backfill positions, they share the extra workload because they care about the wellbeing of their colleagues.

Nursing – Sunshine ICU

The ICU had been struggling to improve hand hygiene compliance despite education and the presence of posters throughout the unit reminding all staff and visitors about the importance of hand hygiene. Laloma as the ICU Link nurse and the team then decided that a new approach was required so decided to celebrate international hand hygiene day to help raise awareness. Over the week a video series was produced and emailed to the team to remind us all about why we need to be compliant with hand hygiene, our patients. Further they celebrated hand hygiene day by having several activities stationed around the unit for all to participate in. They approached the issue from a different perspective, and as a result our hand hygiene compliance has increased. Further more, nursing and environmental staff are now having the conversation with visiting teams that are not aware of the ICU infection prevention procedures.

Aged Care Assessment Service – Western Health

The ACAS team has undergone great change in the past 6 months. They relocated from Sunshine to Footscray, whilst at the same time implemented a number of major model changes including but not limited to a major service model revision to support better patient flow. This involved the ACAS team going into the inpatient setting to complete an aged care assessment in a timely manner to promote patient flow. There was also a DHS driven national service redesign which saw the implementation of a new service model, new ICT system, and flow of referrals to the team from a central point of intake outside of Western Health. The team and its leaders took on the challenge of rapid change and supported each other through what was a stressful period. The leadership communicated with the staff ensuring they were aware of and had a clear vision of the changes and what was required of each of them to bring about successful change for both the team and patient care. During this period of great change there was minimal change to the timeframe of care for patients and staff incidences of unplanned leave did not escalate. It was outstanding to see the team support each other with excellent communication, scheduled training and general concern raised for each other and patient outcomes. The team ensured that training in the new systems was undertaken by all staff and the team was care ready on the day of “go live”. It was important to each of them that service delivery did not suffer as a result of change. During the period of change they worked hard to ensure patients saw little impact, often going the extra mile to ensure that patients needing help and assistance received it in a timely manner despite the marked stressors in the unit.

Kathryn Pierce Allison Lauder, Lauren Pasula, Aranka Nenov, Karon Markovski, Jacqueline McNamara, Vanessa Hillgrove and Jacqueline Young.

– Footscray, Sunshine & Williamstown

As part of the Elements of Care Work plan, the Manager of the Nutrition Department has lead the Nutrition Project Advisory Committee to oversee the introduction of the Patient Group Dining, Red Dome and Volunteer Meals Assistance Programs at Williamstown, Footscray & Sunshine Hospitals. Up until June 2016, the Volunteer Meals Assistance Program has provided over 4,000 occasions of service and is making a real difference in patients who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. The Volunteers offer practical assistance as well a social support to the patients. The Staff of the Nutrition Department are active in providing on-going support to all of the volunteers who assist in this Program as well as facilitating education sessions before the volunteers commence, which gives them the background of the project as well as effective practical training. The Nutrition Department staff are present on the wards during the first week of VMAP to guide and assist the volunteers on their first shifts and ward staff. The Nutrition staff encompass the Western Health Values in all aspects of their work and truly deserve this Inspire Award for their professionalism and ongoing commitment to the Project and in particular their guidance and support of the Volunteers and assistance to the Volunteer Management Team. They are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Jade West, Team Leader and the Administration team:- Stephanie Attard, Rebecca Camilleri, Gail Cristobal, Emily Davies, Refiye Fikret, Maddison Hawkett, Franca Ingram, Cassandra James, Katrina Kaimenopoulos, Gurpreet Kaur, Thea Partasides, Alexandra Robson, Christine Sayer and Leigh Smith.

– Adult Specialist Clinics Referral Management Centre, Footscray and Adult Specialist Clinics Centralised Call Centre, Sunshine

The Referral Management & Communication Centre has inspired me and others with their ability to adapt, accept and drive change. Adult Specialist Clinics received a number of complaints around accessing the call centre. A project team and plan was put together in 2015 and at the beginning of April 2016 the Referral Management Centre took over the management of the Centralised Call Centre. Not only was the team excited for the change they were excited for the challenge!!! This team had the challenge of reducing the call centre abandonment rate as well as timely action of enquires through email and voice message for the Adult Specialist Clinics department. Not only were they able to reduce the abandonment rate in the first month and continue to do so, they also received a number of compliments from patients, carer’s and internal and external departments on the timeliness of answering the calls and the excellent assistance and service they provided in helping the patients receive the appropriate outcome in relation to their enquiry. Since the implementation of the Call Centre project in April 2016, Adult Specialist Clinics have not received any complaints with difficulties contacting the department. The project received positive feedback from the Executive and senior management who recognised that the project displayed quality improvement in action which will make a significant difference to patients and their ability to access specialist care.

Nurses, Doctors, Allied Health

– Sunshine Hospital

The Rehabilitation team demonstrated expertise, excellence and quality in the care they provided to an incredibly challenging patient, particularly from a wound care perspective. The nursing staff did a fantastic job in supporting both the patient and management to achieve the goals needed for her. The Allied Health staff were able to transition the patient from requiring two staff to assist with walking, to the patient independently attending breakfast group and participating in gardening activities. Working together they achieved a great outcome for the patient from what was initially a serious adverse event.

– Radiology Sunshine

The Sunshine Radiology Nursing Team has gone through a very dynamic phase of expansion and development with the arrival of Critical Care Services at Sunshine Hospital. During the lead up to the Critical Care services arriving at Sunshine, the Team grew by over 50%, recruiting new staff that could integrate and also bring new skillsets to the existing team. The nursing staff all underwent extensive training and courageously learnt the skills required to perform invasive angiography procedures. During the building works the team continued to work and nurse patients in a department that was being torn apart and rebuilt. The Conference room was transformed into a makeshift trolley bay for several months and the team continued to deliver the very best of care possible. The staff maintained a ‘can do’ attitude throughout the whole process. Whilst the new equipment was being installed the Sunshine team began rotating to Footscray to begin scrubbing into actual angiography cases in preparation for their own Angiography lab being commissioned. The Change Impact of the Critical Care services required the Radiology Nurses at Sunshine to contribute to coverage of the Oncall/Recall Roster. This was a major requirement and the nursing team unanimously supported this requirement without any dissent. The staff remained positive throughout all the new challenges rain, hail or shine. Since the commissioning of the new services the Sunshine Nursing team have continued to find opportunities to expand their knowledge and skillsets to now include Advanced ECG interpretation & Paediatric Life Support. The imaging department at Sunshine is now a thoroughfare and metropolis of patients of all acuities, shapes and sizes and the Nursing team continue to find new ways to provide the very best in nursing care 24/7.

– Sunshine Hospital

I really cannot express just how much of an inspiration these volunteers are. At reception, when we have visitors that are either hard of hearing or confused of the directions we give, the look of relief on their faces when we can say “We have someone who can take you there” is fantastic. They are truly indispensable and we would be lost without them.

Diet Monitor – Food Services, Sunshine Hospital

A patient wrote: To whom it may concern, I am writing to express my gratitude towards your staff member Aneta in Food Services. Her professionalism is so inspiring and I couldn’t have been more lucky to meet such a beautiful soul. She always managed to cheer me up while I was down and her positive attitude is just great to be around. Aneta has made my two week stay in hospital bearable and I couldn’t thank her enough for that. I will forever be grateful. Not only is she a hard worker, she also has a beautiful heart. Thank you for the help, the laughs and everything else Aneta.

Volunteers – Sunshine Hospital

Deb and Hilmi have been volunteers at Sunshine Hospital since 2012. They have both assisted with many roles across the site but it is their community spirit and compassion towards their fellow volunteer team members that I admire so much. Deb and Hilmi give a lot to our patients and staff and this is often remarked on by staff. They display sensitivity and compassion towards members of our volunteer team that may be struggling with life, feeling a little disengaged, or where they may need just some practical support to get them to an event that they want to be part of. Recently, a volunteer team member passed away after a long illness and Deb and Hilmi were there for that volunteer and their family. I have witnessed them ensuring that volunteers are getting home safely and appropriately and I have seen them use compassion and listening skills when members of the volunteer team may be upset or excited about an encounter that they have had with a visitor or patient. They are real role models to our younger volunteer team members and I have personally witnessed Hilmi giving guidance to younger volunteer team members on how to support our older visitors to the hospital when performing their roles as visitor guides. They are a real asset to our organisation and are ambassadors of our values.

Patient Services Assistant – Williamstown Hospital, Radiology

Teddie is one of the hardest working PSA’s that I’ve encountered in almost 20 years at Western Health. He transports patients to and from Radiology very efficiently, but also treats them with the utmost dignity and respect at the same time. He frequently delays his breaks, transporting inpatients who are awaiting their x-rays before they can be discharged. By doing this, he plays an important role in helping to ensure that ward beds are made available to other patients. The success of the ‘It’s All About Time’ campaign depends largely on PSA’s like Teddie. He is a vital cog in the smooth running of the Radiology department at Williamstown Hospital.