2021 Recipient

People and Culture Recruitment and Operations Team

The inaugural Board Chair INSPIRE Medal was awarded to the People and Culture Recruitment and Operations Team for the incredible work and support that they provide to the organisation. They are integral to our operation but often work in the background and very much fall into the category of nobody understanding what they do until they don’t do it.

Congratulations to the team for winning what is now our highest honour for those who have exemplified Western Health’s values.

Above: Recruitment Team – Laura Mulcahy, Cindy Buttigieg, Christina Iakovidis, Natalie Bucello, Vanessa Reay, Kayla Bucello and Mariko Adlercreutz

Below: Operations Team – Leigh Evans, Rosanna Marchione, Tracey Nguyen, Liz Buttacavoli, Catherine North and Chelsea Pellegatta