Would you like to say thank you to an employee or volunteer who has made a difference to your day or to the experience of others?

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You can nominate employees and volunteers, individuals or teams who foster a positive workplace @ Western Health by demonstrating our values in their work. (See following examples)



  • Improving the experience of others


  • For standards of care or service
  • Being positive and productive
  • Using resources responsibly


  • Communicating respectfully in all situations
  • Recognising and respecting diversity


  • Demonstrating high standards of work
  • Helping others learn and improve
  • Working well with others, across the system


  • Looking out for the safety of others

A Positive Workplace at Western Health

  • Treating each other with respect and dignity
  • Being aware of how your behaviour affects
  • Addressing poor behaviour…don’t ‘walk past’

    About the person or team you are nominating

    Please note that we may share what you say as part of the Award process

    Explain what they did which has made a difference to your experience or the experience of others. Include examples and provide as much detail as you can.*

    To ensure your nomination is successful, the following criteria must be addressed:

    • How did they contribute to fostering a positive workplace?

    • How did they demonstrate the values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Safety? (address at minimum x 3 of the values)

    About You

    If you are a Western Health employee or volunteer